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Best. Antibiogram. Ever.

An antibiogram shows the susceptibility of different bacteria to different antibiotics. The sensitivities differ per region, but generally speaking some broad classes exist. And the rules make no sense. There’s a lot of apparent randomness and it is a hassle to memorize it. This is about the best chart I’ve ever seen. I stuck it…

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Sunrise Alarm Clock, v2.0

Sunrise alarm clock version 1 was a great success, but it still clearly had a lot of areas for potential improvement. The biggest problem was that I now had this awkward looking box sitting on my night stand next to my buzzing alarm, and every time I wanted to change my wake-up time I had to…

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Sunrise Alarm Clock, v1.0

After years of soft schooling, I discovered waking up for a real job is hard. I am expected to be to work at the same time every day, and to get there on time I have wake up EARLY, before the sunrise. So after looking into things, I settled on trying a sunrise alarm clock…

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“From the crucible of such inner turmoil come the various metals, soft or brittle, flawed or pure, precious or common, that determine the good runners, the great runners, and perhaps the former runners; for those who cannot deal with successfully (or evade successfully) the consequences of their singular objective will simply fade away from it…

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Raspberry Pi2 Seedbox with Deluge and a VPN

Recently, the Raspberry Pi 2 was announced, and I recently bought a couple. They’re fantastic little devices, $35 for an fully-functioning, pocket sized computer. One of the first projects I did was building a Linux-based Torrent Seedbox. I had originally started working with a UDOO, which is a bit more powerful. The main advantage of the UDOO…

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3D-printing the human body (starting with a skeleton)

I’ve been interested in 3D-printing for science and medicine for a while, and one of the side projects I’ve been playing with has been a 3D-printed skeleton. I had been starting with the spine and skull, and had originally been trying to develop my own models from some of the open source CT-scans out there….

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