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RC Power wheels, part 2 (painting)

With the electronics completed (see part 1), I took the whole thing apart and repainted it. The prep, painting, and re-construction was actually pretty easy, took me a couple hours on a Saturday afternoon and a couple hours on a Sunday. I started out by pulling out every screw I could find, then bagged the…

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Remote controlled power wheels (part 1, electronics)

Idea: take a two-seater powerwheels for the kids, make steering and power remote controlled. Perfect for kids who are barely old enough to walk, let alone drive. Many people have done this before. Well documented resources:Hack-a-day article on modified powerwheelsA nice instructables write-upA nice write-up on someone’s blogThe Modified Power Wheels Forum Useful youtube videos…

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Physics of Deadpool jumping off bridge

I was watching the trailer for the upcoming movie “Deadpool” with Ryan Reynolds, when one scene caught my eye. In the scene, the lead character jumps from a bridge, breaks through a sunroof of a passing vehicle, and lands perfectly in the back seat. I started thinking, is that even physically possible? what kind of…

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The Science Hub

Like many in academia, I’ve come to see Elsevier and other publishing conglomerates as giants whose primary goal is making money, rather than moving science forward. I understand that businesses need to make money to stay afloat, pay staff, and keep the doors open, but these for-profit companies have large profit margins by leveraging the…

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Eye of the Pager

I was inspired after the success with the Sunrise Alarm Clock v2.0 to add additional functionality to other household devices. Next stop: the pager. Everyone hates their pager because of that obnoxious BEEP BEEP BEEP. But what if it played something soothing and melodic? Something comforting yet inspiring? Something like… EYE OF THE TIGER. Overview…

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Statistics decision tree

Found this excellent reference for choosing the right statistical test. Original link: http://abacus.bates.edu/~ganderso/biology/resources/statistics.html PDF: stats_flow_chart_v2014

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